Thin Film composition

Powerfoil® consists of a stack of ultra-thin functional layers forming a stable and durable PV solar foil (degradation <1% /year average over lifetime).

  1. The transparent top-encapsulant is made of a high translucent fluorinated-polymer that is water repellant and non-sticking, hence easy-to-clean
  2. The unique Transparent Conductive Oxide (TCO) is trapping the transmitted sunlight in the active silicon layer to endow maximum conversion of photons to electrons.
  3. The semiconductor layer (a-Si / uc-Si) is causing part the electromagnetic spectrum of the solar energy to be converted in to an electrical current.  
  4. The metallic back contact and the TCO layer conduct the current to the aluminum busbars on each side of the foil
  5. The polymer carrier and back encapsulant provide support to the foil and create an interface to the adhesive layer for attachment to various surface substrates


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