Versatile & Aesthetic

The lightweight and flexible properties of Powerfoil opens new markets for solar energy that cannot be addressed by rigid, heavy glass panels.

Building integrated roof tops

Powerfoil is an ideal solution for both large, light-structure roofs and irregular shaped rooftops. Powerfoil modules can be delivered with different adhesive back layers that can be attached to almost any surface material. These surfaces include: aluminum roofs, facade elements, glass plates, corrugated roofs, roofing membranes, bitumen, EPDM, PVC etc.

Powerfoil can be attached to the roofing material in a factory and supplied as part of the roofing material. Its flexible nature allows the Powerfoil to follow curved surfaces with bending radii down to 7 cm without any problems.

The advantages of applying Powerfoil onto the roofing membranes in our customers factory are:

- Lowest cost
- Efficient roll to roll application,
- Efficient material usage,
- Minimum labour
- Highest adhesion quality
- Independency from weather conditions
- Minimal installation time on the rooftop
- Rooftop installation does not require additional skills/training

The electrical installation of Powerfoil is done using the same connectors, optimizers and inverters as are being used for traditional panels, therefore electrical installation does not require additional training of installation personnel.


Metal building panels

Attaching Powerfoil to metal building panels (roof and siding) may not be an obvious choice at first. At closer inspection it makes a lot of sense.

Metal roof panels are extremely durable, long lasting and weather resistant building materials. Adding Powerfoil as an extra layer does not change any of these characteristics, whereas traditional panels require the drilling of holes.

In addition, the Powerfoil can be applied to the metal panel in the factory, this saves expensive labour on the worksite. Because the Powerfoil can be integrated into the metal panel, installation does not require additional construction works.


Curved and irregular surfaces

The advantages of Powerfoil’s flexible nature become apparent when applied to curved or irregular surfaces.  Using this combination of unique material properties, it is possible to convert passive surfaces into an electricity generator without affecting the functionality nor the appearance of the object, such as the ship deck and storage tank.


Mobile and remote power supply

Powerfoil is ideally suited for mobile applications where weight comes at a premium. With only 600 gr/m² (0.12 lbs/sq ft) Powerfoil can easily fitted on containers, temporary shelter homes or used for mobile power supply units in remote areas.

Its flexibility makes Powerfoil far less prone to impact damage than traditional glass panels. It can therefore be safely integrated on trucks, shipping containers, canvas of tents, with minimum risk of damages during installation and transport.


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