The latest news about Hyet Solar and the most recent projects that are being installed

4 May 2023

Two new Investors provide growth capital to Netherlands-based HyET Solar

Hyet Solar is pleased to announce two new additions to its list of shareholders, De Engh/Newomij and a well-respected family business, which has chosen to remain unnamed.

2 May 2022

FFI and Teslin Participaties provide growth capital to Netherlands-based HyET Solar

The global green energy company FFI and the Dutch investment fund Teslin Participaties have provided growth capital to the Dutch company HyET Solar, a leader in flexible and lightweight solar PV technology which has the potential to accelerate the global energy transition.

21 February 2022

TU Delft and HyET Solar strengthen their partnership – in lightweight, flexible and ubiquitous thin-film solar foil

By signing a new four-year research contract, TU Delft and HyET Solar have sped up the introduction of the next generation of solar foil, bringing new large-scale solar parks that reduce the price of our electricity a significant step closer.

21 December 2021


Australian based Fortescue Future Industries (FFI) has acquired a 60 per cent stake in Dutch based High yield Energy Technologies (HyET) Group and provided the majority share of financing for the expansion of HyET Solar’s Dutch Solar PV factory.

25 August 2020

RTL Z Nieuws op bezoek

"Zonnefolie dat je overal op kunt plakken en dat nauwelijks iets weegt"

12 August 2020

Hyet Solar start massaproductie oprolbare zonnecellen

Zonnefolieproducent Hyet Solar schaalt de productie in Nederland dit jaar op naar een commercieel productieniveau. In 2021 voegt het bedrijf daar een fabriek aan Indonesië aan toe, waarmee de totale jaarproductie uit zal komen op 340 MWp. Zonnefolie is licht en buigzaam, waardoor gebruiksmogelijkheden aanmerkelijk toenemen ten opzichte van standaard glazen zonnepanelen.

4 May 2020

Pertamina, LEN and HyET Solar initiate cooperation to build Indonesia’s first thin film Solar PV factory

Pertamina, LEN and HyET Solar initiate cooperation to build Indonesia’s first thin film Solar PV factory

21 April 2020

PT Pertamina takes a turn towards solar energy

During the trade mission with the King and Queen of the Netherlands, HyET Solar and PT Pertamina signed a contract with the intentions to build a manufacturing facility in Indonesia. The singing of the contract was a result of earlier discussions and visits of both companies to Arnhem and Jakarta.

20 April 2020

Shell and HyET Solar conclude study at NREL confirming the economic potential of a 100 MW desert PV powerplant based on HyET Solar Powerfoil

Shell and HyET Solar have conducted a study at the National Renewable Energy Laboratory (NREL) in Denver (US) on the economic potential of HyET Powerfoil in desert based utility scale (100 MW) PV powerplants.

3 April 2020

Vopak and HyET Solar Collaborate on 1MW Thin-film Storage Tank Application

HyET Solar Netherlands BV has received an order from Royal Vopak to apply thin-film PV modules (Powerfoil) on one and potentially two of their large oil storage tanks in Rotterdam, subject to regulatory and permit approval. Powerfoil is the only suitable Solar PV candidate for this application because of its unique product characteristics such as low weight, flexibility and ATEX certification. The project will result in 1 MWp of cost-effective power generation capacity.

1 January 2020

Dutch HyET Solar aims to scale up production capacity to 900 megawatt peak in 2021

"Thin film has the future, also in large-scale energy production," said Rombout Swanborn, a major shareholder in HyET Solar, who wants to scale up its production capacity to 900 megawatt peak by 2021.

15 December 2019

Solar Magazine takes a quarterly look at one or more solar energy-related projects from the Top Sector Policy. This time FlamingoPV, in which TU Delft and HyET Solar combine their expertise.

3 December 2019

Nominations EZK Energy Award 2019 announced

The companies Koninklijke Vopak, Hotel Breeze and Bosch Beton have been nominated for the EZK Energy Award 2019. They have a chance to win this prize, because they have distinguished themselves positively in the field of energy saving, sustainable generation and sustainable heat.

24 May 2019

Port of Rotterdam sends 'smart' container on a world trip

A way to follow containers minute by minute on the long world journeys they take. Until now it was impossible, but the Port of Rotterdam Authority believes it has the technology with which it can be done on a large scale.

6 May 2019

Terminal Operator Koninklijke Vopak has a first.

It placed solar foil on the roof of one of the storage tanks in Vlaardingen this week.

6 May 2019

Practical test: solar cells integrated in corrugated sheets

Corrugated sheets with integrated thin-film solar cells are being tested in the Wijk van Morgen in Heerlen. This was part of the European innovation project PV OpMaat. Zuyd Hogeschool developed the PV corrugated sheets together with corrugated sheet manufacturer Eternit and solar energy manufacturers HyET Solar and Solliance / MiaSolé.