Sustainable and inexpensive

Powerfoil constists of non-toxic and abundnant materials that can be sourced in every part of the world.

Compared to other Thin Film solar panels Powerfoil consist of non-toxic, abundantly available raw materials that are inexpensive. Hence already at low production volumes the costs will be lower than the mass-produced glass panels. The abundancy of raw materials such as Silane, SnO2, ZnO and polymers make Powerfoil a very scalable product with a minimum ecological footprint.

No scarcity is to be expected for any of these materials in the medium-long term. The use of these materials in the HyET Solar modules is so small compared to world production volumes, that large production growth will not lead to a sudden rise in the total global demand. Powerfoil raw materials are freely traded in every country in the world.

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