Flexible lightweight solar modules

Our efficient Roll-to-Roll production process allows us to produce our solar modules at low cost. Combining this with low transport costs and low installation costs, a large scale HyET Solar system is 30% cheaper than the c-SI benchmark.
Energy production is the key measure for PV systems. Because Solar modules can be made in any shape or size, a roof can be covered up to 90% with HyET Solar modules. This way more space is used and therefor allows a regular roof to produce more energy.
The size and shape of the PV modules are easy customized suiting the specific project. Furthermore, its low thickness allows smooth integration in many appliances. For applications with high aesthetical demands, even different colors and grades of transparency are possible.

Aestethic & functional PV solution

Remote; Military

Poverty alleviation; Humanitarian aid

HyET Solar.

The New Standard in PV