Production Process.

HyET Solar has developed proprietary production technology for producing lightweight and flexible thin-film silicon solar cells on long foil substrates in a number of roll-to-roll steps. 

Complete production under one roof

Contrary to the production of glass solar panels Powerfoil is produced Roll-to-Roll from raw materials to qualified PV Solar panel in one factory. Starting with simple aluminum foil and abundantly available precursor gases, different micron thick layers are deposited that efficiently convert light into electricity. The active layers are encapsulated in durable, low cost polymer foils together forming Powerfoil®.  This unique manufacturing process ‘under-one-roof’ creates maximum added value, minimum dependence on critical suppliers and warrants full quality control during every step of the process.

Proven Roll-to-Roll production 

HyET Solar’s TF-Si product is not deposited on glass but on lightweight and low-cost polymers. These polymer-based modules can be produced at much lower costs (target USD$ 0.15/Wp), not only because of using low-cost of raw materials, but also because the manufacturing process is faster and simpler.