Solar Magazine takes a quarterly look at one or more solar energy-related projects from the Top Sector Policy. This time FlamingoPV, in which TU Delft and HyET Solar combine their expertise.

Arnhem, december 15th 2019

The 2 organizations work together to increase the yield and production capacity of thin-film solar panels. HyET Solar's Powerfoil is a flexible and lightweight thin film based on silicon PV modules. They are half a millimeter thin, 3 meters long and weigh 600 grams per square meter. They have an efficiency of 10 percent.

"The goal of the Flamingo project is to increase that module efficiency to 12 percent, with a lifespan of at least 35 years," said Edward Hamers, Head of Technology at HyET Solar. "In the lab, we are aiming for a record 13 percent for dual junctions and 14 percent for triple nodes. At FlamingoPV we are simultaneously taking the step from a product of 33 centimeters to 1.3 meters wide, and a commercially interesting production scale of 37.5 megawatt peak per year in the Netherlands. So we are also talking about industrialization. "

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