1 MWp storage tank application - Vopak

HyET Solar Netherlands BV has received an order from Royal Vopak to apply thin-film PV modules (Powerfoil) on one and potentially two of their large diesel storage tanks in Rotterdam, subject to regulatory and permit approval. Powerfoil is the only suitable Solar PV candidate for this application because of its unique product characteristics such as low weight, flexibility and ATEX certification.

Storage tank application - Vopak Vlaardingen

120 Powerfoil modules have been installed on top of a Vopak storage tank. The installation proved the potential of unused surface area of storage tanks, a way to store liquids in a more environmental way and a new business model for storage tank owners.

Container 42 - Port of Rotterdam

HyET Solar has installed 15 Powerfoil modules on top of a shipping container. The container makes use of different types of sensors to collect data during transport.

Cruise Ship - Shipyard De Hoop

HyET Solar has installed 60 Powerfoil modules on the Celebrity Flora, a luxury cruise ship that will be used to transport people to the Galapagos Islands.

Fuel Station Canopy - Oman Oil

HyET Solar Powerfoil has been installed on top of a petrol station in Muscat Oman. The 48 Powerfoil modules will be used to reduce the electricity costs of the petrol station.

Tropical Climate Demo - PT Pertamina

120 Powerfoil modules have been installed on a PT Pertamina fuel station in Jakarta. The installation is part of a project of HyET Solar and PT Pertamina to build a 300 MWp production plant in Indonesia.

Large scale rooftop application - IKEA

IKEA Duiven - The Netherlands and HyET Solar colaborated to cover the roof of the IKEA building with Powerfoil. The light weight of just 600g/m2 of Powerfoil opened up the possibility to use the whole roof of the building to generate renewable energy.