Large scale utility.

Powerfoil can be made into any shape and size. The roll-to-roll production process makes it possible to produce up to 30 meter long modules while the shape can be adjusted to the needs of the customer
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Biggest solar module in the world

Powerfoil is designed to be flexible in shape and size. Longer modules decrease the amount of cables needed during installation and installation time per m2. This results in low Balance of System (BoS) costs, especially in large installations. 

Powerfoil 1300 can be used in utility scale projects to generate an excelent LCOE. The maximum size of Powerfoil 1300 is:

Lenght: 30.000 mm

Width: 1.400 mm

Output: 4500 Wp


Temperature coefficient

Powerfoil has a superior temperature coefficient, which reduces efficiency loss in warm climates. Considering a temperature of 85°C, Powerfoil has at least a 6% lower power loss than crystalline silicon technology. 

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